Todays Highest Jackpot
US Powerball
157 million (USD$)
Wed, Feb 10, 2016

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US PowerBall - Huge Lotto Jackpot157 million (USD$)

Huge US PowerBall jackpot! Are you ready? Dont miss Wednesday's and Saturday's draw for your chance to play for the 157 million (USD$) jackpot.
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The EuroJackpot is 19 million (EUR). Don't miss Fridays draw for your chance to become a EuroJackpot winner. Got your ticket yet?

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Lotto Trivia

UK Purely by chance, a winner's girlfriend checked his trouser pockets before she put his jeans into the washing machine and found a winning lottery ticket for the 1.5 million jackpot.

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US Powerball

157 million (USD$)


California SuperLotto

15 million (USD$)


Italian Superena Lotto

44.4 million (EUR)

Draw tomorrow

US Mega Millions

87 million (USD$)

Draw in 2 days.

Euro Millions

32 million (EUR)

Draw in 2 days.


19 million (EUR)

Draw in 2 days.

Italian Superena Lotto

UK Lotto

Daily Fact

USA Paul Snyder's truck was a lot more valuable than he realized with a 200,000 (USD) piece of paper stashed inside. The Blaine man jokingly said, 'maybe we won 100,000 (USD).' When his fiance checked the tickets he'd been saving she discovered that he actually had a 200,000 (USD) winner!